Do you have a passion for birth? A strong desire to support and empower birthing families? Do you wonder where to begin on this journey? You’ve come to the right place!

Ann Pollack Denver Doula Trainer

Being a professional Certified Doula is a profoundly rewarding career that requires a unique blend of research-based knowledge and practical skills. What better way to enter this new career than with an interactive hands-on training to ensure that you have the skills you need to be an amazing doula?

Hi, my name is Ann Pollack, owner of Denver Doula Training. As a DONA-approved birth doula trainer I have trained over 400 new doulas since 2012.

Looking for a birth doula? Yes, I still attend births!  As a DONA certified birth doula for the past 18 years I have supported 300+ families. My goal? I want to make sure that every woman feels heard and valued during the birth of her child. My role as a doula is to ensure you have a positive memory of your birth experience. 

- Ann Pollack



By the time you complete my training and your DONA Certification, my goal is for you to emerge as a high quality doula who will provide unconditional support to the families you serve. Our communities need doulas of diverse backgrounds who can transform birth, one local family at a time.

"When I signed up for Ann's doula training, I had no idea how wonderful she and the community she has created would be. The way she taught both the childbirth education and doula classes were extremely organized, full of information, and gave space for students to ask questions and add their input. Not only did I learn a lot from the information presented but from the way Ann carried herself and the caring manner she interacted with everyone. Even after the course, through the entire certification and beyond, Ann has made herself, as well as her community of doula graduates, available to answer questions and offer support. I highly recommend her trainings."

Becca Holcomb

"Ann has been my most valuable resource since becoming a doula. Her doula training truly gave me the strong foundation I needed to be confident in the service that I now provide to my moms. Her professionalism, compassion, knowledge and patience has mentored the way I conduct my own business, both personally and professionally."

Charlene Atherley-Page

"I feel empowered, confident and supported in starting my career as a doula. You did an excellent job this weekend in educating us while making it fun and engaging and special."

Danielle Peterson-Yazdani 

"The information, knowledge and training that Ann offered in our Doula workshop was so beneficial to me and my journey in life. I have always been a person that wanted to help people and this new role is perfect for me. So thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help me along."

Maleice Cooper

"Ann is simply wonderful and amazing, not to mention full of knowledge, and has a serious knack for teaching doulas. I truly believe I wouldn't be a successful doula today without the training I received during her workshop as well as her continued guidance. Her support doesn't stop once the training is complete; she makes sure to connect all of her past and current students which has fostered a wonderful community of doulas that all support one another. It is evident she wants each of her students to succeed and I am always grateful for her wisdom and knowledge."

McKinzey Murphy

"Your creative activities, excellent communication, patience and skill at “reading the room” in our doula training made learning with you an absolute delight. Your kindness, generosity with your time and obvious passion and joy with your work are both personally and professionally inspiring. I am so grateful we connected and I made the choice to take your doula training and that I’m really starting to trust my instincts."

Lisa Kirkland

"Ann is an absolutely amazing birth doula! I had a long and difficult labor, and she was there every step of the way, providing compassionate, thoughtful and experienced advice and physical and emotional support. We could not imagine having gone through the experience without her; her support was invaluable. She has a very gentle and kind demeanor which will put you at ease throughout your pregnancy and during labor and delivery. Her great personality will also help when communicating with the labor and delivery staff at the hospital, and help incorporate your partner into the process and make everyone feel at ease. We highly recommend Ann as an experienced labor doula!"

Kate Brewer

"Ann's classes exceeded my expectations in every way. She is incredibly knowledgeable and organized, presenting up-to-date evidence based education.  Not only was the content excellent, but the course was a blast!  She has developed many unique ways of teaching to keep everyone fully engaged.  Her passion and energy for doula work and teaching shine in her classes, and she has also made her self available for further guidance when needed. I am so grateful to have begun my journey to becoming a doula with Ann. After her Birth Doula course, I felt confident, empowered and energized to help women and their families. Ann is a doula to doulas!"

Michelle Dockins