You have lots of options out there….so why choose Denver Doula Training and doula certification with DONA International? Let me help you…


My Denver Birth Doula Training guides new doulas in how to offer unconditional support to birthing families, helping them find their voice and thus feel empowered. You will learn multiple techniques to promote labor and comfort a laboring person. You will leave this training feeling confident, excited and well prepared to start your doula business with clear “next steps” in place.


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    Denver Doula Training offers a comprehensive 18-hour hands-on birth doula training workshop, a full 2 days from 8am to 6pm. I’m convinced the more you are actively involved in learning, the more you will retain. My workshops are very hands-on and interactive, as I try to appeal to all learning styles. Learning does not have to be boring!
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    During my workshop, you will get a head start on your certification requirements, as well as leave with concrete plans as to how to start your own doula business. By the end of this birth doula training you will feel motivated, confident and well prepared to start your doula career.
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    As research is constantly changing and being updated, I am continually making adjustments and tweaking my curriculum making sure you are always receiving current, up-to-date information. While your successful doula career begins with our weekend workshop, I am here to nurture you for years to come, answering questions, learning from each other and building a network of support. I’m not going anywhere! The cost of this workshop is $500, this includes your manual, all handouts, a few items for your doula bag, as well as becoming a part of a strong, caring private doula Facebook community.

"When I signed up for Ann's birth doula training, I had no idea how wonderful she and the community she has created would be. The way she taught both the childbirth education and doula classes were extremely organized, full of information, and gave space for students to ask questions and add their input. Not only did I learn a lot from the information presented but from the way Ann carried herself and the caring manner she interacted with everyone. Even after the course, through the entire certification and beyond, Ann has made herself, as well as her community of doula graduates, available to answer questions and offer support. I highly recommend her trainings."

Becca Holcomb

"Ann has been my most valuable resource since becoming a doula. Her doula training truly gave me the strong foundation I needed to be confident in the service that I now provide to my moms. Her professionalism, compassion, knowledge and patience has mentored the way I conduct my own business, both personally and professionally."

Charlene Atherley-Page

"I feel empowered, confident and supported in starting my career as a doula. You did an excellent job this weekend in educating us while making it fun and engaging and special."

Danielle Peterson-Yazdani 

"The information, knowledge and training that offered in our birth doula training workshop was so beneficial to me and my journey in life. I have always been a person that wanted to help people and this new role is perfect for me. So thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help me along."

Maleice Cooper

In this birth doula training you will learn….

  • The lifelong impact of the birth experience and your role as a doula
  • How to stay safely within your role as a doula following DONA’s Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Appropriate topics to cover with clients prenatally
  • Communication skills that will help you assist your clients in making tough decisions, as well as how to respectfully advocate for your clients
  • Complications including cesarean birth, VBAC and your role as a doula.
  • Comfort measures, including breathing techniques, positions, OFP to ease discomforts and promote labor
  • Importance of skin to skin and the Golden Hour after birth
  • Action steps to begin your doula business, along with how to market yourself
  • And much, much more!

Are you feeling drawn to the doula path? JOIN US for a birth doula training that will change your life - and those of the families you will support!


April 17th*, 18th & 19th
June 12th*, 13th & 14th
September 11th*, 12th & 13th
December 4th*, 5th & 6th

* The first day of each weekend workshop begins with my optional INTRO TO CHILDBIRTH FOR DOULAS class.

COST: $500. Upgrade to include the optional Intro to Childbirth course for a total cost of $630.


April 26th, 9-12:30 p.m.
June 7th, 9-12:30 p.m.
September 19th, 9-12:30 p.m.
December 13th, 9-12:30 p.m.

COST: $60

LOCATION: All workshops take place Southwest of Denver. Address to be provided upon registration.



Why are some labors short, while others seem extra long? What can be done to ease discomforts and even promote labor?

To offer quality doula support it helps to have a clear understanding of the basics of pregnancy, labor and birth. Having a full view of the entire process will help you better serve your clients.

The “intro” class is optional, but many students have learned so much they feel it should be a mandatory part of doula training. This class will replace the certification requirement to observe a childbirth series.

COST: $130.

These topics and many more will be discussed in detail during the Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas Class that I offer in conjunction with each of my Birth Doula Workshops.


  • The essential anatomy of birth, understanding what happens during each stage so you can best support healthy birth.
  • The physical and emotional experience of each stage of labor: early, active, pushing, and the first hours after birth.
  • Common birth interventions, along with their risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • Hands-on practice of a variety of comfort techniques.


Why is something so normal & natural sometimes so challenging? How can we best support families to get a healthy start with breastfeeding?

So many new families experience challenges with breastfeeding. If you want to feel confident in your ability to to offer practical suggestions to help families who want to breastfeed do so successfully, this course is for you.

COST: $60.

This course fulfills the 3 hour breastfeeding requirement for both birth and postpartum doula certification, or you can earn 3 contact hours of continuing education.


  • The multiple benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby
  • How milk is made and released in order to keep a healthy supply.
  • Signs of a good latch and a poor one.
  • Confidence in offering suggestions.
  • Recognize common challenges to breastfeeding.
  • When and whom to refer when it is out of your level of expertise.

"Ann is simply wonderful and amazing, not to mention full of knowledge, and has a serious knack for teaching doulas. I truly believe I wouldn't be a successful doula today without the training I received during her workshop as well as her continued guidance. Her support doesn't stop once the training is complete; she makes sure to connect all of her past and current students which has fostered a wonderful community of doulas that all support one another. It is evident she wants each of her students to succeed and I am always grateful for her wisdom and knowledge."

McKinzey Murphy

"Your creative activities, excellent communication, patience and skill at “reading the room” in our doula training made learning with you an absolute delight. Your kindness, generosity with your time and obvious passion and joy with your work are both personally and professionally inspiring. I am so grateful we connected and I made the choice to take your doula training and that I’m really starting to trust my instincts."

Lisa Kirkland

"Ann's classes exceeded my expectations in every way. She is incredibly knowledgeable and organized, presenting up-to-date evidence based education.  Not only was the content excellent, but the course was a blast!  She has developed many unique ways of teaching to keep everyone fully engaged.  Her passion and energy for doula work and teaching shine in her classes, and she has also made her self available for further guidance when needed. I am so grateful to have begun my journey to becoming a doula with Ann. After her Birth Doula course, I felt confident, empowered and energized to help women and their families. Ann is a doula to doulas!"

Michelle Dockins

Denver DONA doula training
Denver Doula Training DONA


Attending a Denver Doula Training Workshop is one of the first essential steps required to become a certified birth doula. Our ongoing mentoring and referral opportunities help you work towards your goal of DONA doula certification with confidence. You have 4 full years from the time of your training to complete your certification. You can work quickly or you can take your time, depending on your personal circumstances.  See the certification requirements >


Contact me anytime by phone, text, email or social media.


After training you will be invited to join a closed Facebook group made up of past students. You will find this to be an invaluable resource.


I regularly organize a Doula Support Circle where we problem solve, answer questions, as well as hear & learn from other birth professionals.


Many of my graduates choose to provide complimentary support to Denver area moms who receive Medicaid. Families receive the support they deserve and you gain experience along with births for certification.


I often get contacted by families who cannot afford my current rate for birth doula services. I’m thrilled to connect them with certifying doulas who offer support at a lower rate.

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