Hi, my name is Ann Pollack, DONA-Approved Denver Birth Doula Trainer.

There are a lot of options out there for becoming a Certified Doula, including both live workshops & online trainings. I am an Approved Birth Doula Trainer through DONA International for many good reasons, but perhaps the most important one is the high quality of doula care that I see our graduates providing. As the leading international doula certification organization since 1992, our trainings are designed to help you become the very best doula you can be.

Here are a few key factors you should consider when choosing a birth doula training:

Q: Does the doula training offer in person workshops?

Some things you can study in a book or online, others require hands-on learning, immediate feedback and face-to-face conversations. Doula training is the latter. To feel truly confident when working as a professional with your clients you need the “trial and error” of practicing on fellow students. For example, how does a double hip squeeze feel, where do my hands go, is this enough pressure, etc? You need to be able to ask your questions as they arise, or perhaps a fellow student brings up something you hadn’t even thought of. These are but a few reasons why I feel an in-person training far exceeds any online course you could take. Leave your training inspired and motivated with concrete tools in your bag to hit the ground running. Explore our upcoming Denver doula training workshops >

Q: Does the doula organization have a SOP/COE’s that is evidence based? What are the scope of practice and code of ethics of the organization you are looking into? Do they have any?

Research has proven doula support improves outcomes, when that role stays within evidence based practice which is clearly outlined in DONA Internationals Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. As a DONA birth doula our goal is to “foster maximum self-determination” on the part of our clients, empowering them to use their voice and express their wishes, resulting in a more positive birth experience.

Q: How long has the certifying organization been around?

DONA International has proven itself reliable and has stood the test of time. DONA became a non-profit, doula certifying organization in 1992. Having proven itself steadfast through the changing climate of birth through decades.This organization continues to grow and flourish, certifying over 13,000 doulas to date. Learn more about why you should consider choosing DONA certification for your birth doula training >

Q: Does the trainer teach evidence based information? Does the trainer share up-to-date, evidence based information? Can they back up their information with facts and reliable references?

It is vital as you start your work as a doula that you are learning the facts and not simply personal opinion or experiences of the trainer. This will ensure you are an accurate source of information for your clients, giving both you and the doula profession more credibility. Learn more about what our Denver doula trainings include >

Q: Does the trainer still actively attend births?

I find it vital to be an effective trainer that I regularly attend births. I continue to learn from each birth I witness, how to advocate for my clients, what obstacles they face, what options are available for them, as well as the latest technology being used. I have found hospital policy and procedure is constantly changing and I need to stay up to speed to keep my students well informed as to current practice. While stories from long ago are fun to hear, they are not useful for today’s modern doula.

Q: Is the doula organization involved in advocacy work?

It’s not all about us, here and now. It’s about every birthing person, everywhere! In every city, suburb, rural community or country, women of all cultures, races, religions deserve to be fully supported and involved in the births in the births of their children. They deserve choices in how and where they will birth. They deserve quality medical care and to feel safe and respected. This is a basic human right. DONA International's Advocacy Committee is addressing important issues such as; Health Disparities and Inequities, Insurance Payment for Doulas, Legislative Action, Research and Data Collection and the committee I am personally involved with Doula Profession Promotion and Credibility. DONA International is “committed to supporting creative solutions that provide sustainability for doulas and access to doula care for all families.” Interested in doula advocacy work? Here are some ideas to get you started >

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