Ann Pollack DONA Doula Trainer

How to Juggle Doula Work with a Day Job...

Is your heart drawn toward doula work, but your finances are keeping you tied to your day job? Maybe you love your job, but would like to add doula support into the mix. Do you have to choose between one or the other? Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too! How, you ask.....


Consider partnering up with a fellow doula who has a similar work ethic and philosophy as you. Someone who will be available during the days and times you are not. Your clients will be grateful to meet your back-up right from the start and you can feel at ease knowing your clients will be in good hands if you are unable to attend their birth.


Many hospitals have doulas on staff at an hourly rate.  Often they are 12-hour shifts that allow you the freedom to set your own schedule. Other hospitals, as well as birth centers require that you be "on-call" at set times if a family should need your services. Both of these situations should work around your work obligations easily.


You will find networking to be invaluable for many reasons. For instance, who are the active doulas in your community? Who has a full load of clients and is looking for dependable back-up? Take them out for coffee, get to know them, find out their specific needs, then describe how you can fill those needs. Proving yourself reliable in this situation is a must! As the relationship grows you will find these connections to be a real asset to you in building your doula practice.


If you simply ask your employer if they would be willing to work around your on-call schedule, you might be surprised by the response you get.  Keep in mind, when you start out you may only have one birth a month or even one every few months. Would they allow you to call in another employee to take your shift? Is their work flexible enough that they could handle your absence once a month? Be creative with your particular work situation and don't be afraid to ask.

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